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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
If a girl posts on livejournal and no one is around to read it, does it still lolcat?
It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
06 July 2011 @ 09:57 pm
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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
21 October 2010 @ 05:38 am
So apparently I can't ever get to sleep before seven a.m. anymore, which stinks. I was looking through hulu for a movie to watch and HOW COME NO ONE EVER TOLD ME JEFF GOLDBLUM AND CYNDI LAUPER WERE IN A MOVIE TOGETHER? It was some wacky romantic comedy from the early '80s, at least as I gauged from Goldblum's particular lankiness (Cyndi kept calling him "Strecho" in her quintessential New York accent). It was called Vibes and they BOTH PLAYED PSYCHICS tricked by Peter Falk into tracking down some valuable something-or-other. And Steve Buscemi had a brief part as Cyndi's lousy ex-boyfriend, which should be an entire movie unto itself because that is a pairing America deserves to see (make it happen, Hollywood!). Anyway this I found coincidentally after my last post and if that's not a sign that I need to have room for Jeff Goldblum and livejournal, I don't know what is.

And now I ask, what better way to get back into the swing of (posting) things than a meme? Answer: trick question. There is no better way. Did you think otherwise? Well guess what, you failed. Please leave the exam room, you're distracting the other students. (oh god how desperately do I need to be sleeping right now?) memeCollapse )

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
19 October 2010 @ 04:22 am
I love and miss all of you. I have been more active on livejournal over the last month but not with posting, because I'm worried that then I will be back to spending the time I need to work instead posting youtube videos about Jeff Goldblum. I shall be back in starts and spurts, though.

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
01 October 2010 @ 03:33 am
I was flying, I was--of course I was flying, and the watch--the witch, was WATCHIN' herself in the mirror, and she was singin' with a stolen set of pipes! DO YOU HEAR WHAT I'M TELLING YOU? THE PRINCE. IS MARRYIN'. THE SEAWITCH. IN DISGUISE!

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
We interrupt your regularly scheduled life to bring you something way better than whatever you are doing right now. PAUL RUDD DJ-ING AT A BAT MITZVAH.

This after I watched I Could Never Be Your Woman on TV today and was reminded yet again that if there's anyone I should be rightfully married to, it's Paul Rudd.

Also googling pictures of Winona Ryder because I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow (for the first time in over a year!) and in my ideal world I'd get it cut like this and be able to pull it off. But alas, Winona has a cute little head and I do not. Also if I tried for that I imagine I'd end up looking like the forty-something cafeteria assistant from my middle school with the Eddie Money t-shirt and too-long-in-the-back too-short-in-the-front hairstyle. Aged groupie is not what I'm going for. OR IS IT???

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
03 August 2010 @ 04:12 pm
A photo update.

Paul McCartney looking like a big old lesbian:

I also wanted to post this pic of Jarvis Cocker being super pasty with a lady but it won't let me and I'm too lazy right now to screencap and shit. omg so pasty.

And after over three years of having They Might Be Giants as my laptop wallpaper, I think I'm going to switch to this photo. Because how could I not.

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
I feel like a real jerko for being absent from here for so long. I've missed so much of what's been going on in your lives, and then I ask you to care about what's happening in mine. For now, let me just reintroduce myself. Hi, I'm Alex, sometimes a butt, sometimes not. How are you?

My life in short: boyfriend(!!), Mario Kart, work -- in that order.

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
I am alive! Do not fret! Hope everyone is well and I owe you a proper update.

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It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths
I wanted to try out a header I made but I couldn't because my "background image" option was already taken by pizza baby. So unless I make an entire layout, which I don't know how to do and am not really sure I want to put the effort into, it seems that I have to choose. Is it time to give up my pizza baby background? There are so many memories, and yet PROGRESS WAITS FOR NO PIZZA BABY. Decisions, decisions.

Remember the woman in love with the Berlin Wall whom I posted about? Tonight on CurrentTV I caught, after having grumpily missed it before, a mini-documentary about object-sexuals called "My Boyfriend is a Bus":

Really interesting. The woman here in a relationship with the Berlin wall is not, I think, the same woman with the website, as I'm pretty sure she's from Europe and this woman is American. I wonder how that works out. They speak of jealousy in this documentary -- what about when two people are in love with the same object? Is that accepted as an inevitable part of the deal, akin to Mormon polygamy? Or do they expect their objects to be exclusive to them, like the object can choose one person to be with (after all, they do believe the object is alive)? Also I wonder why most of the few object-sexuals I've seen profiled are women. The only men I've seen were in that BBC documentary called I'm in Love with my Car or something (and the guys in love with dummies of women from another BBC doc., but does that count since the dolls are human-like?). One of the car guys was younger and seemed pretty regular, but the other guy was older and a total creeper. They went to a car show and the guy started like, fondling headlights. Also he admired the younger guy's car and sneaked out to their motel parking lot one night to literally have sex with his car, which creeped me out epically because he does this stuff to other people's cars and it gave off the feeling of molestation. Anyway, I'm wondering if female object-sexuals are likable and male object-sexuals are creeps. NEED MORE EVIDENCE.

Also I finally saw John Barrowman's The Making of Me on BBC America over the weekend after it originally aired around a year ago. I still think Barrowman has something too polished and artificial to his look, like a hyper-groomed Tom Cruise, and his teeth still scare me a little, but while I was fairly indifferent to him before I totally love Barrowman now. I liked how he was open to explore many of the different theories about the origins of homosexuality, though I wish it didn't have to all be crammed into an hour-long program since there's more to get at with each theory than they had time to. Also OMG RANDOM SCOTTISH ACCENT. Someone please explain this to me. He was born in Scotland and lived there until his family moved to America when he was eight, and though he works in the UK now he has a totally American accent. Either his accent wasn't fully developed by the time he was eight (which doesn't seem likely), or he forced an American accent on himself. But when he talks with his Scotch parents, Barrowman suddenly has the biggest Scottish accent I've ever heard. It sounds completely natural but he has to do it consciously. Which accent is his "real" one? Why does he deliberately put on one or the other? I want answers, Barrowman!

Also today I watched most of a documentary on the Sundance channel called Deliver Us From Evil about this complete scum priest who molested dozens upon dozens upon dozens of children in California for several decades, and who, when he got busted, cut a deal with the Catholic church where in exchange for not talking they would set him up in Ireland. Which is where he is now, walking around free and completely mentally disconnected from all the irrevocable pain he's caused so many people. The film was also about the lengths to which the Church will go and has gone to protect themselves, including, as we are becoming more and more aware, covering up and ignoring the pedophilia rampant among their priests and churches. It mentioned how now-Pope Benedict completely failed in his pre-Pope days to do anything about the problem (and, coincidently, tonight I happened across this article: Pope under fire for transfer, letter on sex abuse). I was absolutely enraged, disgusted, and horrified by the documentary's subject, while also being touched by the courage of the victims and the love of their families. They're all riddled with guilt, regret, and anger, but the simple fact that they are still living and rebuilding and supporting each other is an inspiring triumph. It doesn't matter how outwardly well that priest is living in Ireland; he's still a monster inside. So if you want to watch a great documentary while simultaneously being more outraged than you've ever been in your life, try to see this. (Which reminds me, I saw another great, moving documentary on Sundance about how conservative religious people use the Bible to justify their condemnation of homosexuality called For the Bible Tells Me So.)

Man I wish I had a gif of David Tennant shaking his fist at the Catholic church right now. We need a palette-cleanser. A PALETTE-CLEANSER MAYBE LIKE...?


p.s. Barack Obama was in Strongsville, Ohio today! I was in Strongsville tonight going to the bookstore -- that town is five (okay, eight) minutes from my house. I didn't know he was going to be here until this morning when my mom told me, though (way to read/watch the news, Alex). When I went to pick up my paycheck at work this afternoon -- my workplace is in that eight-minute drive from my house to Strongsville -- a former manager was there and the cashier told me he "just got back from the protest" where he "spoke up for us" or something like that that made me stare blankly and laugh awkwardly -- I naively didn't even think there would have been an anti-Obama/healthcare reform protest. lol my coworkers are political fail :(

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